Red pepper jam. Organic St. Tola goats cheese and basil leaves. All strewn on some homemade puff pastry. Meltingly delicious!

Drop in for some next time you're in the village!

Hot out of the oven: We have had Red pepper and goats cheese tarts on our menu since we started, we still make our own puff pastry with organic flour and Kerrygold, but we have made one change, we are now using St. Tola organic goats cheese log instead of a cheaper French goats log that we used to buy. We want to support Irish producers and it is a really fabulous cheese making the tarts a little more special! Melt in your mouth pastry, sweet jammy peppers, basil and melted cheese, Delicious!

Hot out of the oven: Quiche Lorraine, the very best fast food for the weekend or any time you are having friends around. Serve with a delicious salad and some boiled new potatoes. Organic eggs from Castlefarm, slow cooked ham hocks with star anis and mature Dubliner cheddar inside our own homemade shortcrust pastry, organic flour and Kerrygold! It's fab, quick and easy! Gives you plenty of time for relaxed gossip with your friends or family!